Benjamin BK


Benjamin Bk (23), born in Cameroon, moved to the Netherlands at a young age where he studied, mastered and developed his own rap flow.

Freestyle sessions in the neighborhood, the schoolyard was his stage and his friends and family were his first fans. He loved to drop tunes whenever possible. Making music was a daily activity. It became an outlet, a passion, a lifestyle.

With a dutch mother and a cameroonian dad, Benjamin Bk grew up with african rhytm and learned the Dutch and French language.
You can hear this international combo in his music.

He has a recognizable raw voice, full of soul and love to experiment with different styles of music.
Struggles, love, life, are his source of inspiration. If he is not in the studio, he is writing. Always busy with new creations.

You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify.

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