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Memanz, real name Tanyi Raphael Ayamba is an Afro pop rapper who hails from Manyu south Western region of Cameroon. His rap is unique in his delivery which Makes him stand out. His early days in school choir and school musical activities are some of the source of his strengths and inspiration. His adroitness and prowess in music stems from his days in school where he performed in several musical competitions.

His aptitude and skills in various musical instruments dates back to the days when he was a member of a Band club.

Memanz musical career got a new phase and a steady rise since 2010 and 2012 when he started engaging in street rap battles. He stood out unique with his vernacular rap style which earned him the name Sarkodie due to his semblance to the Ghanaian rapper. He flows fluently with aptitude in his native tongue, pidgin English and English adding to his outstanding strengths.

Amongst some of his works are frestyles from Olamide ‘s Wo , Ready or not by Refugee and Adonai by Sarkodie. His most recent Single “Economy girl” has been making waves on several media platforms. You will only be one of the unlucky few who has not listen and watch the Economy girl chronography which has been trending for some time now.

Memanz musical strength and entry into the rap scene has been and is still a threat to many fake rappers who feel their position is shaken already by his versatility comparable to no other. He is fluent, apt and pregnant with talent which will leave you nodding your head to his deliveries and lines.

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