Interview with CEO and Founder of Skylarglam Cosmetics

In this exclusive interview by Claris Lifestyle, with Abu Anwei the young and flawless CEO and Founder of Skylarglam cosmetics,  she expressed her passion for beauty, entrepreneurship and her motivation being her lipstick brand.

Q). So, what is Skylarglam and why Skylargram?

For those who do not know yet, Skylarglam is the brand name for my products and online store. Skylarglam is a producer of top quality beauty and cosmetic products to enhance the beauty of young women. I named the brand after my daughter, just like Skylar, beauty is something which is dear to me.

Q). Why choose this line of business?

I have always wanted to have my own business and being a makeup lover with very little knowledge of creating a perfect look. I find lipstick the easiest wearable makeup product any woman be it black or white skin can easily wear even without a full face beat ( makeup)

Q). How did you get to where you are today and what advise would you give to someone who is looking to start a business in beauty?

I would never have made it this far if it wasn’t for the passion I have for this field and the support of my family and some few very close friends. And my advice to any one thinking of starting any business, please stick to something you are passionate about, do a lot of research and find out the in’s and out’s of the industry and don’t be scared to take a leap of faith. These things all play a big part in my success till date and I always remind myself growth is continious .

After all your success in setting up your own business what are your struggles ?

having your own business is a struggle on its own especially if you do not know the market and identify your niche. The biggest struggle after identifying my niche was creating brand awareness. You can have niche and the best products but the big brands are already popping which makes it very difficult to get noticed.

Q). What is secret behind your success?

honestly there is no secret, it’s all hard work. Every new week I set a target and I try to meet it before the week runs out.

Q). Do you Intend to expand your business?

yes!!! As of now I only have five lipsticks shades and I am working on adding five more shades pretty soon. Also I am working on some other things which I will not mention right now but if all goes well my website will be quite busy and I hope my customers will love it. 😁😁😁

Q). What advice would you give to young women who want to succeed in business or start a business

my advice to young woman who want to start their own business is believe in yourself, do not over think it, use each day to plan and focus. Also do not expect to be perfect at the beginning and be ready to embrace criticism because it will make you want to work even more harder. Remember some people will always criticise.

Q). Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

In five years time by God’s grace I hope to be recognise as one of the top brands worldwide.

Many thanks.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of SkylarGlam since I heard about it. I love the lipsticks. this interview is short and sweet. straight to the point like that. Goodluck with the future of your business!!

  2. So proud of you and this right here is so encouraging to all those who want to start up their own businesses so thumbs up for the encouraging words😊. Keep souring in what you do best and God bless your hustle!!!
    Thanks @ Claris Lifestyle

  3. Oh wow! Well done @ for these amazing lippies u got going and may God continue to bless your business. Big up @ Claris Lifestyle for making this interview possible 👌👌👌


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