Locko and Mimie. Could Mimie be the lady feeling all the “Sawa Romance

Could Mimie be the lady feeling all the “Sawa Romance” ?

In magasco’s ep release article (check it here), we described Mimie as a “sweet sweet berry” for her cute smile, and Locko as the “smooth criminal” for his smooth and charming style.

Little did we know he was putting in work in charming and stealing the heart of our “sweet sweet berry” Mimi . A pictured surfaced earlier confirming the romance between the two ( Locko & Mimi )

Locko took the first step as the charmer to post a picture of himself holding Mimi so tightly as if he did not want to Let get go. Could this be the lady feeling all the “Sawa Romance” ?

Let’s talk about how we held her again – His grip of her was so tight you would think it’s a Japanese handbrake. Anyhu !Later on Mimi (the alleged leading lady in Locko’s life) posted the same picture on her social media followed by a live post on her Instagram taking a romantic walk with locko. Locko could be seen walking towards Mimie while she recorded for the gram. Though we couldn’t get hold of the video, we took a screenshot as you can see here.

Ladies !! Looks like Locko is off the market …

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