Cameroonian Music Industry is the most Diverse in Africa

To be fair, nothing less of diversity is expected from the Music industry of a nation deemed “Africa in Miniature”. This simply means Cameroon is a blend of every other country in Africa with more than 250 ethnic groups and vernaculars. Therefore, Cameroon should be everyone’s first choice to represent the continent to the rest of the world and there’s no better way to do so without the sound of music.

I know to some, the title of the article would give a sense of arrogance, and some readers will even go as far as assuming that the author is of bayangi descent as they can sense the pride in the write up. Well if you think along those lines, sure you won’t be far from the truth because the Cameroonian music Industry is worthy to be spoken of with pride and placed on a very high pedal stool, as a matter of fact higher pedal stool than specifically the Nigeria Music industry because their most prominent mainstream artists are either recycling or retouching hit songs and are lacking innovation and diversity as, most of their songs and beats sound the same.  

Anyways, this is far from a premeditated attempt to fire shots at the so-called champions of African music but an opportunity to remind my fellow Cameroonians that our music is worth sharing with the world with pride. And truth be told, myself and the entire Cameroonian population aren’t ready to take on the entire nigeran population as we are a far smaller nation and relatively smaller music industry. With that being said, I have come to the conclusion that it’s a game of numbers and patriotism.

Statistics show the population of Nigeria as of 2018 amounted to 195,875,237 with over 17 million Nigerians living in diaspora, whilst the population of Cameroon is 24,678,234. To put it all in context, an average Nigerian artist is more likely to get more YouTube views than an average Cameroonian artist in a short period of time, so when these views translate into perception, it shows to the rest of the world and investors that the Nigerian music industry is worth their attention and investment and though Nigerian music isn’t that great compared to Cameroonian music, it is also very marketable.

In a nutshell, the Nigerian music industry doesn’t need our support and to be honest they don’t even appreciate our support because if they did, they would notice that we also have a music industry and would consume our music too and this is the brutal truth.

This is not for us to hate Nigerians or dislike them but instead, we should aim to love and support our own Music industry more than we do theirs, and not just by listening in the private but by actively sharing and talking about our music to our friends from across the world.

I will like to take this opportunity to appreciate how far we have come as an industry and with that being said, I am proud of the development and the rate of growth of the industry. I notice a more collective force aiming towards success and everyone seems to be playing their part in this movement. I say this because the likes of Jovi, Stanley Enow, Locko, Tzy Panchak, Blanche Bailey, Daphne to name a few, are all making waves outside of Cameroon.

Here is my list of my favourite Cameroonian artists and their songs I like the most, and this doesn’t mean I dislike any other artist not in my list, in fact if I had the time, I would write down every single Cameroonian artist in this list lol including ermmmm, lol not sayings names.

RawfK – Chukam Pass

Rythmz – Azig Azig

Stanley Enow – Good Day

Jovi  – Ou Même

Boy Tag – Mignoncite

Daphne – Calee

Mr Robinson – Jongolo

Blanche Baily – Ton pied, Mon pied

Tenor – LVMH 

Minks – Ça Va Te Tuer

Ko C – Caro

Locko – Let Go

Kameni – MashUp – (Locko x Teni x Burna Boy) Chakap By Adrenaline

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